Using Sun Dried Fruit in Foodservice

We continuously monitor national usage trends, and from this information, it’s evident our Sun Dried Fruit, and Tomatoes are a pantry staple in all types of restaurants and food service venues coast to coast. As for how they’re using it, that’s easy…in menu applications morning, noon and night. 

Traina Sun Dried Fruit in Cafés
Whether a leisurely lunch with a friend or a quick breakfast to go, customers crave delicious and healthier food throughout the day. Cafés and diners, chain restaurants and independents, can boost daily traffic offering foods with a signature twist, and Sun Dried Fruit presents cooks with delicious options.

Diced Dates, sprinkled on oatmeal or tossed into a smoothie provide natural sweetness without adding cane sugar. A favorite scone recipe gets added color and a nutrition boost when toasted almonds and Sun Dried Apricots are added, and kale wouldn’t taste as good without the sweet balance of tempting Dried Cherries.


Traina Sun Dried Fruit in Country Clubs
Gracious dining is synonymous with clubhouses from coast to coast. Members expect and pay for food that’s a cut above the ordinary. Upscale menu items can be cost-effective and quickly made by adding a signature twist.  Sun Dried Diced Apricots, Dried Figs, Bing Cherries and other Sun Dried Fruit bring that signature sizzle to traditional clubhouse fare.

Plain grilled fish becomes Grilled White Fish Provencal with Capers and Sun Dried Tomatoes added - new flavor with little extra effort.  A simple sautéed chicken breast becomes an appealing Moroccan Chicken, with the addition of spices, dried Dates, and Sun Dried Apricots.

At the bar, Sun Dried Fruit adds sizzle to the swizzle (stick) and fruit flavor to the fusion. A neutral alcohol like vodka becomes a fruit-forward master class in mixology when Sun Dried Fruits are infused for a few weeks. The result? Delicious “drunken” fruit and an excellent fruit vodka for mixing.


Traina Sun Dried Fruit at School
We’re encouraging a new generation to eat good food and to eat moderately. Sun Dried Fruit can promote healthy dietary habits because it’s satisfyingly sweet, without added sugar. It’s high in vitamins, nutrients, and fiber, all important components to feeling satisfied.

Whether Sun Dried Fruit comes from the “ grab and go ” in handy retail packs, or at the dining hall featured on top of whole grain sides, in desserts or on the salad bar, students will be eating well – and enjoying food that’s good for them.

Foodservice managers appreciate the exactness of dried fruit – there’s no prep work, no waste, no spoilage, the cost is stable, and it has a one year refrigerated shelf life. What a smart food!



Traina Sun Dried Fruit Uses in Institutional Facilities
The wide variety of Traina Dried Fruit offers realistic solutions to the meal challenges of institutional dining facilities - from senior care to early child development. Most of our products are free from added sugar, GMO’s, coloring and flavoring agents, yet are high in flavor fiber and nutrition.

The naturally sweet taste of Sun Dried Fruit is a familiar and favorite flavor, which may encourage older patients to eat better. And poaching Sun Dried Fruit in warm water offers all the health benefits of canned fruit without the wasted resources used to produce and dispose of cans.

An early milestone for little fingers is learning to pick up small pieces of food to self-feed. Adding diced Sun Dried Fruit to snack time rotation adds a sweet, yet nutritious treat the youngsters will eat happily.


Traina Sun Dried Fruit at the Spa
Small details are noticed and remembered during spa vacations. Whether it’s a “ go for the burn ” spa or an “ ahh, that feels good ” pampering salon, Sun Dried Fruit fits in at mealtime and at snack time.

Adding a chafing dish of warm diced Baker’s Fruit Medley compote to the breakfast buffet table, warmly invites guests to top oatmeal, couscous, brown rice or pancakes with a healthy sweet indulgence. A bowl of chewy, sweet and tangy California Sun Dried Apricots, alongside a dish of toasted almonds, provide the vitamins and nutrients listed as Essential Foods for Women in their 50’s, and provide the energy to work hard through that next one-hour class.



Traina Sun Dried Fruit in Fine Dining and at Favorite Delis
Wine, artisan cheese, and Sun Dried Fruit are all products that reflect the tradition of slow-aging to achieve taste perfection. At fine dining locations across the country, Black Mission Figs are being paired with manchego cheese and drizzled with local honey; plump Medjool Dates are being turned into the richest sticky toffee puddings, served with just a dollop of crème Fraiche; and bright, slightly citrusy Bing Cherries burst with flavor mixed into garlicky broccoli rabé; and what makes this all the more exciting – variations of this incredible blending of Sun Dried Fruit, vegetables, grains, pasta, salads, meat and desserts are also being served at neighborhood delis and markets nationwide!