Frequently Asked Questions

Foodservice Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often.  If you still cannot find the information you're looking for, please call our Sales Representatives for assistance. 

What’s the minimum order?

200 lbs is our minimum order. For smaller orders, visit our Shop.


What about sulfites?

SO2 is used as a preservative to inhibit microbial growth and retain product color in Sun Dried Fruit and many other food products, medications and beverages.

If you’re part of the less than 1% of the population that is severely allergic to sulfites, you should avoid dried fruit, as well as most wine, some medications, jams, vegetable juice, many condiments, some potato chips, and other foods that contain sulfites.


How is your product distributed?

Traina Foods is partnered with quality distributors throughout the country – some family owned and in the neighborhood and others international distributors working on the world stage. We are proud of our partnerships with the best distributors in the business.


How do you ship?

We ship orders of 200 lbs or more using the best shipping method for your order -- UPS or freight carriers. We will quote a delivery price before confirming your order.

Picking up orders is cost-effective and convenient too, since we're located near Interstate 5, which runs through the vegetable and fruit-growing region of California.


What’s the shelf life of Dried Fruit?

One year, refrigerated


Do I Have to refrigerate my Sun Dried or Dried Fruit?

Heat and/or humidity can damage Sun dried and Dried Fruit. That's why we always recommend you store your fruit at 42° or less.


How should the product be handled once it’s been opened?

Refold the inner plastic bag to preserve moisture, and keep the dried fruit refrigerated. Dried Fruit will darken when exposed to heat, including kitchen temperatures.