Product Benefits

Product Benefits

Our products are slowly sun dried for maximum flavor.

The Traina sun drying process begins with the plumpest, vine-ripened tomatoes we grow and the sweetest, juiciest fruits from the orchards. Combining state-of-the-art food technology and the Traina teams’ years of experience results in products with superior taste and great visual-appeal.

Traina Dried Fruits are flavorful, colorful, nutritious ingredients that provide added value to the menus of food service operations - from academic institutions to fine dining restaurants.


Added Value

Every good foodservice operator appreciates ingredients that add distinction and enhance the flavor of a menu item. Traina dried fruit products deliver added value – with significant benefits:

  • Concentrated fruit flavor - a little goes a long way
  • No wasted fruit - each piece is as perfect as the next in every case.
  • Labor-saving
  • Extended refrigerated shelf life
  • On trend
  • Marketable health benefits



When our California Central Valley fruits and tomatoes are harvested, they are processed and sun dried. The fruit is kept in cold storage until we receive an order, then the cases are custom packed. This means each order that leaves our facility will contain Sun Dried Fruit that is colorful, plump and delicious.

Costs are more consistent using Sun Dried Fruit rather than fresh fruit. Stable costs allow distributors and restaurant operators to project menu food costs more accurately.



Our Dried Fruits and Tomatoes are packaged in recyclable 5 lb and  larger corrugated boxes, lined with a convenient stay-fresh, fold top poly bag, and have an extended refrigerated shelf life (a great option to perishable fruits and tomatoes).

Right from the box, Traina Sun Dried Fruit and Tomatoes are a ready-to-use ingredient or a pour-from-the-box nutritious snack.



Sun Dried Fruit enhances menu items for every type of food service operation and in all day parts - breakfast, lunch, snack time, happy hour, dinnertime, just deserts.

Recommend Traina Dried Fruit to the white tablecloth restaurant operator seeking innovative and intensely flavorful pan finishing sauces or to the casual dining establishment operator wanting to enhance the customer’s dining experience. In ethnic cuisines, to customers who operate noodle houses, reccomend they try adding Sun Dried Tomatoes to their bowls – whether Italian pasta or Japanese ramen!



Signature Appeal

It's easy to create memorable menu items, for any day-part segment, simply by adding Sun Dried Fruit.

  • Serve house-made Sun Dried Fruit jam – a creative and delicious, signature condiment.
  • Run-of-the-mill granola becomes  “house-made granola ” with an addition of Sun Dried Fruit
  • A memorable restaurant experience can start with a signature appetizer… Port wine-infused Sun Dried Fruit served with artisan cheese
  • Add sizzle to bar drinks with a swizzle of Sun Dried Fruit


Health Benefits

Before refrigeration, for centuries, mankind developed ways to maintain the integrity and freshness of food products. One of the earliest methods was drying food in the sun. Did our earliest ancestors know they were preserving all the nutrition of the fruit, meat and vegetable products while removing only the water? Did they know they were concentrating all the flavor of the fresh product?

Maybe so, but one fact was indisputable then as it is today, Sun Dried Fruit and Tomatoes are satisfying and nutritious. Sun Dried Tomatoes are high in lycopene, a carotenoid good for maintaining healthy skin. Apricots and Prunes are high in fiber which supports intestinal health. Most of our fruits are high in vitamin C and some in magnesium and iron.

Sun Dried Fruits and Tomatoes are powerhouses of satisfying nutrition… with a hint of natural sweetness.