Product Benefits

From Field to Table

As a third-generation family-run business, Traina Foods is committed to providing the best tasting California sun dried fruit, sun dried tomato products, and dried fruits sourced from all over the world. We use the latest technology for our fruit products, ensuring high-quality standards and food safety. We are BRC certified and trace all ingredients from field to final order.  We guarantee quality for all our domestic and global dried fruit.

7 Reasons to Buy from Traina Foods


Dependable California Quality:

At Traina Foods our first responsibility is to our customer. We guarantee quality. We are BRC approved and Excellent-rated. Our high industry standards include but are not limited to highly advanced x-ray technology, sophisticated proprietary technology in processing, on-line detection systems, electronic color sorting, product testing, lot coding, Certificate of Analysis, fully equipped control lab in the plant, continual inspections, we offer refrigerated shipping and have freezer/refrigerator storage.


Customization of Product:

We provide the most extensive variety of sizes, cuts, moisture levels and other specification needs. 


Truely Sun Dried for Maximum Flavor

The Traina sun drying process begins with the finest sun-ripened fruit. Combining state of the art technology and years of experience results in products with superior taste and quality. The sundry process takes 5-7 California sunny days before the fruits are perfectly sun dried. The result is a sweet, tangy, complex moist, slow cooked product. Sun Dried offers the best flavor profiles, with gourmet appeal to consumers, good color and intense flavor. This makes the product economical - a little goes a long way.


Sustainability in Action:

We harness the power of the sun. Our sun dried fruit uses the energy of the real California sun to dry. We then process all products in our 100% - completely solar facility. With minimal energy and best farming practices Traina is a sustainable partner. We plan to be here 100 years from now.


Single Source for Every Dried Fruit Product:

Traina Foods is the leader in the industry for sun dried fruits. We are the largest sun dried tomato producer, sun dried stone fruit producer, and producer of natural and organic sun dried fruit. We also source globally. Our extensive food sourcing capabilities enable us to provide ingredients from around the globe with our guaranteed quality. We are also able to educate our clients and always happy to find solutions even if those solutions are not within our own plant. Our knowledge is valuable. 


Innovation Leader:

Our years of experience and growth have enabled us to spot trends and create solutions for our customers. Traina has food scientists, and culinary experts that can partner with your company, and customize to your needs. We couple this with the financial strength to build and grow with our clients.


Family Owned:

Your customers care where their food comes from. Family owned for generations, California based, and vertically integrated, Traina brings you sincere care, new ideas and family pride. A place made of family and employees that have worked at Traina for decades and decades. We consider ourselves local to all because we epitomize the American dream, and bring strength and integrity to every project and client. 

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