Adding Dried Fruit into Savory Dishes for Fall Recipes

Adding Dried Fruit into Savory Dishes for Fall Recipes

Now that fall is finally here, it’s time to break out the crock pots and the casserole dishes! Fall lends itself to cooking wholesome and filling comfort foods that warm body and soul. The Traina family shares some of its favorite fall-inspired recipes and ideas for adding dried fruit into any recipe.


Roasted chicken is such a versatile meal to serve for a family dinner or an elegant dinner party. With Traina’s homemade Sun Dried Apricot Sauce, made with apricot preserves (which can be made from Traina® Home Grown’s dried apricots!), roasted chicken can be served in a whole new and delicious way. For the deceivingly simple recipe for Traina’s Roast Chicken with Sun Dried Apricot Sauce, click here.


Lasagna is a filling and hearty dish served best on cool fall nights. For a twist on this classic casserole, Traina’s Lasagna Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe combines two heart-warming favorites into one yummy meal. A thick-sliced crusty bread takes this recipe to the next level, and Traina’s Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup makes easy work of this recipe for lunch or dinnertime.


Cauliflower is the hot vegetable du jour — and for good reason! This tasty staple can be turned into rice, pizza crust, tortillas — you name it! A great alternative to carb-filled foods, cauliflower can be flavored up in so many ways. Traina’s version of Cauliflower Pilaf is made with Traina® Home Grown fruitons® All American Blend as well as walnuts and sunflower seeds and makes for a scrumptious side dish for any main meal. Click here for the recipe. 


Is there another food more comforting than the potato? Hardly! The Traina family’s recipe for Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Baked Potatoes is anything but ordinary — yet it only requires four simple ingredients. These delicious stuffed baked potatoes can accompany a meal or serve as a meal itself paired with a cup of soup. (Might we suggest Traina’s Vegetable Soup with Sun Dried Tomato Breadcrumb Crunch or Ham, Bean and Sun Dried Tomato Soup?)  


Dried fruit such as figs, prunes, raisins and more can liven up hearty fall stews as well. Consider adding it to a classic beef stew, a Moroccan beef stew for an exotic ethnic flavor or lamb stew. Versatile apricots go well not only with chicken as mentioned above but also with pork. A simple pork stew can be elevated with a flavor punch of dried apricots. Stewed dried fruit makes a tasty dessert in its own right or it can be used to drizzle over ice cream, cakes or other baked good and desserts.


The Traina family encourages home cooks and chefs alike to adjust their menus with the season! While dried fruit is always in season (bonus!), it’s also a great way to add flavor and texture to traditional fall dishes, casseroles, soups, stews and more.