Adding Nutrient-Dense Dried Fruit to Summer BBQ and Potluck Foods

Adding Nutrient-Dense Dried Fruit to Summer BBQ and Potluck Foods

Summertime is synonymous with fun — and food! Think laid back lazy days, hangin’ by the pool and getting together with friends, family and loved ones for summer BBQs and potluck parties! While burgers and dogs are typically par for the course at any summer BBQ or potluck, there are many easy ways to add nutrient-dense dried fruit to elevate the nutrition of summer dish staples. The Traina® family shares some simple and delicious ways (with recipes!) to get an added boost of nutrient-dense noshing this summer!


Instead of plain ol’ ketchup or mustard for those hamburgers and hot dogs, consider taking those summer condiments to the next level with the Traina family’s line of Gourmet Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup in Classic, Sriracha, Organic, and Organic Sicilian Tomato and Herb varieties. These flavor-packed and nutrient-dense ketchups aren’t just for topping foods, however. Get creative by adding them into recipes such as this Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette for a summer salad or try a twist on traditional caprese with the Traina family’s quick and easy Caprese Pasta Salad.


Of course, what’s a summer BBQ without… well, BBQ? The Traina family also takes this classic sauce to the next level by incorporating real nutrient-dense dried fruit into two varieties — Sun Dried Apricot and Sun Dried Plum — that add complex flavors to beef, poultry, seafood and vegetables. So regardless of what’s going on the grill or in the smoker this season, it can include an added dose of flavor and nutrients, too!


Another summer party staple is the trifecta of taste — chips, salsa and guacamole! But even this tasty trio could use an added kick! Adding Traina Home Grown® Dried Sweetened Cranberries or Dried Sweetened Pomegranate Arils take everyday avocado up a notch with elements of flavor and texture, too. For a twist on traditional salsa, consider a fruity variety made with Traina’s Diced Natural Dried Pineapple and Diced Natural Dried Mango.


The Traina Home Grown fruitons® line is another way to add flavor, texture, variety and nutrients to other summer BBQ and potluck mainstays. For a quick and easy way to liven up store-bought chicken salad or pasta salad, for example, toss in a handful of Traina Home Grown fruitons. Traina Home Grown Bing Cherries brighten up an easy green salad like this Golden Beet and Dried Bing Cherry Green Salad, while this Crunchy Green Salad with California Dried Fruit (plus easy dressing ideas!) serves as an easy foundation to build upon using kitchen favorites and fruitons varieties.


For those that are hoping to live a more fruit-forward™ lifestyle this summer, Traina Home Grown is here to help! With so many delicious varieties and combinations of delicious and naturally sun dried fruit, there is no end to the ways one can make nutrient-dense eating a delicious way to enjoy summertime foods. For more, visit