BBQ ideas for Plant-forward Eaters

BBQ ideas for Plant-forward Eaters

When it comes to summertime, foodies and cooks alike pull out their grills and fire up the meat! But just because some prefer not to partake in eating poultry, beef, fish or the like, doesn't mean they have to miss out on the feasting of a good old fashioned American BBQ! In fact, with some inspiration, and some flavor-packed dried fruits from Traina Foods, no one will ever miss the meat!

Pasta Salads — A BBQ main-meal’s best friend, pasta salad varieties run the gamut and there is no end to the number of combinations that can include pasta, dried fruits, salad dressings, herbs and spices an more. Creativity is king when it comes to pasta salads, and Traina Foods wide array of dried fruit bits varieties is a pasta-salad chef’s secret weapon.

Grilled Mushrooms — Instead of a sizzling burger patty, why not toss a succulent Portobello mushroom on the grill. Doused with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, it can truly recreate that meaty flavor and texture that plant-forward eaters may miss if they’ve gone meat-free. Adding a little sun dried tomato, basil and mozzarella and serving it on a ciabatta roll or sliced over a bed of pasta can turn this easy meatless main into a complete meal. 

Hummus Dip and Bean Salads — Don’t let meat eaters convince one he or she needs to get proper protein intake via a hamburger or a chicken leg. There is plenty of protein to be found in not only leafy green veggies in salad, but also beans such as garbanzo beans often found in Greek and Mediterranean-inspired dishes, as well as black beans and pinto beans that can find their way into a Mexican corn salad with dried cranberries for a touch of sweetness, or kidney beans that can find their way into any pasta and vegetable salad, with a few Julienned Traina Foods Sun Dried Tomatoes for an intense flavor bite. Pureed beans 

Avocado Everything — This fleshy green guy is certainly having its 15 minutes of fame. Beyond intriguing guacamole combos like adding dried cherry bits or pomegranate seeds to the mix, avocado mash spread onto toast triangles and topped with dried apricots, pears or sun dried tomatoes is a fresh, summery BBQ appetizer that is totally on trend.

For plant-forward eaters and BBQ lovers, alike, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy eating fresh foods all summer long. Don’t forget to check out for recipe ideas and sun dried product purchases.