Benefits of Dried Fruits in a New Year’s Diet

Benefits of Dried Fruits in a New Year’s Diet

With a New Year, many people make “eating healthy” one of their top resolutions. Though research shows that many resolutions are abandoned by mid-February — if not sooner! But eating right doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact it can be downright delicious when the right ingredients are used. And regardless of what type of diet one is following — high-fiber, high-protein, low-calorie, gluten-free, vegetarian or even vegan, dried fruits can be a filling and satisfying way to keep New Year’s nutrition goals on track! Traina Foods offers just a few of the many reasons dieters should use dried fruits to help them achieve their 2019 goals.

High in Fiber

Because many dried fruits are high in fiber, they are a great addition to any diet or healthy nutrition plan. Fiber keeps people feeling full for long periods of time, so high-fiber dried fruits are great to eat before an endurance sport or activity or when a craving strikes. Fiber also keeps the digestive system running smoothly and helps the body rid itself of toxins.


Dried fruit, specifically dates, are credited for boosting metabolism. An ignited metabolism is a sure-fire way to keep kick-start a New Year’s nutrition program and speed up weight loss.

Nutrient Dense

From dried apricots, which are packed with iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium that keep consumers feeling full for hours to dried blueberries, which have been linked to reducing risk of heart attacks in women and even helping control blood sugar levels for those with Type 2 diabetes, dried fruits are packed with healthy nutrients for healthy bodies!

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Some dried fruits, such as cherries, are rich in antioxidants, which help support the immune system. Other benefits of these antioxidants include reducing inflammation and aches and pains — which can be helpful for recuperating after a strenuous sweat session!

Quality Sleep

Dried cherries are also believed to help consumers get a good night’s rest. That’s because dried cherries are loaded with melatonin, a natural hormone that helps the body achieve deep and restful sleep. 

Natural “Fast Food” 

Dried fruit is a great diet aid because it’s nature’s original “fast food.” It’s easily portable and doesn’t require refrigeration so small baggies can be kept in one’s purse, office drawer or car glove compartment for a quick and healthy solution to end a “snack attack” without sabotaging one’s nutritional goals.

Regardless of the type of diet regimen, dried fruit lends a healthy and delicious way to eat right and lose weight. For ideas on how to add dried fruit to meals or for complete recipes, visit