The Benefits of Tomatoes in a Plant-Forward Diet

The Benefits of Tomatoes in a Plant-Forward Diet

For those that life a healthy lifestyle based on a plant-forward diet, tomatoes are great sources of nutrients, are naturally delicious… and it’s been discovered that tomatoes may even contain skin-cancer fighting properties! 

Just one tomato can provide 40 percent of the daily recommendation of Vitamin C, and tomatoes are also rich in Vitamin A. Potassium, which helps maintain nerve health and iron that is crucial for retaining normal blood circulation. Thanks to lycopene, which prevents serum lipid oxidation, tomatoes also can help prevent against cardiovascular diseases. Tomatoes are indeed a super food, so Traina Foods offers ideas for including tomatoes in a plant-forward meal any day of the week with all the company’s sun dried tomato and tomato ketchup offerings.

Seasoned Sun Dried Tomatoes fruitons® are the perfect salad topper at lunch for as a healthy-pre-diner course. 

• Beyond just serving as a dip, Traina Foods variety of ketchups — Gourmet Organic Sun Dried Tomato KetchupGourmet Classic Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup, Gourmet Sicilian Organic Tomato and Herb Ketchup, and Gourmet Sriracha Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup — liven up a variety of sauces. 

• The Sriracha variety can be used for a spicy jambalaya, a fried rice dish or shrimp and pasta. The Sicilian version is delicious with chicken Caprese, any Italian pasta dish and even on pizza! 

• Traina Foods Sun Dried Tomatoes, whether halved or julienned are a tasty snack (or on a larger scale, a charcuterie board) paired with cubed cheese, thinly sliced cured sausage, nuts and toasted bread.

Whether serving a complete dinner, or reaching for a healthy plant-forward snack Traina Foods sun dried tomatoes and ketchups can boost the flavor profile.