Celebrating August Food Holidays

Celebrating August Food Holidays

National holidays honoring specific foods from burgers to donuts have become such a trend… and who can argue with that? Certainly not the Traina Foods family, which has dedicated their livelihoods to fresh, natural foods! August has a number of food holidays that are worth a shout out.

• For example according to some “food holiday calendars,” August is recognized as National Peach Month. While the hot summer days start to fade into fall, peaches can be enjoyed in so many delicious ways. For example, for the dog days of summer, what could be more refreshing than homemade peach ice cream or a peach smoothie? Whether using reconstituted dried peaches for a smooth consistency or adding in a few finely chopped dried peach bits in for a chewy texture, there’s no denying summer is the perfect time to enjoy peaches. Dried peaches can also be used to add a bit of healthy fruit to sweets such as scones and biscotti.

• August 31 has been dubbed “National Trail Mix Day” (who knew?!). With Traina Foods dried fruit blends and Fruitons varieties, there is no end to the number of custom homemade trail mixes home cooks can create. A simple mix of granola, nuts, seeds, a few chocolate chips and dried fruits is easy peasy — and delicious, too

• August is also considered “National Sandwich Month,” with August 23rd deemed as National Cuban Sandwich Day. A Traina Foods’s favorite sandwich includes mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil on a ciabatta roll; or classic chicken salad dotted with dried cranberries, almonds and celery in a flaky croissant. For those that prefer a bread-less sandwich, an easy roll-up can be made by folding a Traina Foods dried fruit blend into a soft, spreadable cheese, then spreading it on some deli slices, sprinkling with finely chopped lettuce and rolling it up! Voila!

Regardless of what “ food holiday” it is, Traina Foods encourages home cooks and chefs to think outside the box and get creative with any dish. Sometimes, even the oddest combinations make for a delicious meal!