Cheers to Dried Fruit

Cheers to Dried Fruit

Many people use dried fruit for baking, as toppings and reconstituted for sauces, dips and jams. However, the Traina Foods family has always touted the endless possible ways dried fruit can be utilized at meal time… so why not in cocktails? Traina Foods explores some fun and delicious ways to incorporate dried fruit into happy hour — or any hour!


Garnish — Today’s cocktails are for more than sipping. The industry has exploded, and mixologists have made some of the most Instagram-worthy drinks that are almost too pretty to drink. (Almost being the operative word!) But now, presentation is everything and so why not use dried fruit to help beautify a beverage? Dried fruit rings such as apples, apricots, pears and more make ideal garnish for the side of a glass or even just floating on top.


Champagne Wishes — So much more than just bubbly, champagne is practically a basic brunch staple. But then again, there is nothing basic about champagne, especially when it’s jazzed up with some dried fruit. A few dried cranberries, cherries, blueberries or pomegranate arils make for beautiful and delicious champagne. 


Beyond Bloody Mary — Kick up a bland Bloody Mary with some blended sun dried tomatoes or for a potion with a powerful punch, why not try a little squeeze of Traina Foods’ Sriracha Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup?


Frozen Potions — Dried fruit from pineapples and mangos to stone fruit like peaches and apricots are not only flavorful additions to tropically inspired sips, such as tropical rum-based daiquiris and coladas, or frozen Bellinis, but they also add a pretty hue!


Sippin’ Sangria — Reconstituting dried fruit in sangria is delicious and enjoying the fruit after the drink is gone keeps the refreshment going!


Soften Up of Stiff Drink — In place of an orange zest or peel, why not liven up a “stiff drink” such as an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan with a little pop of dried fruit flavor to take the “edge” off?


Dried Fruit and Spice and Everything Nice — For a warm drink on a cold day, mulled ciders and hot teas and dried fruit go hand in hand. Letting a handful of Traina Foods fruiton blends settle at the bottom on a warm mug then topping it with either warm apple cider or tea is a soothing and soul-warming choice.


Dried fruit truly has endless possibilities. So whether it is being enjoyed in a meal, as a snack or in a cocktail, Traina Foods invites chefs and home cooks to think outside the box and get crafty with their dried fruit concoctions! For more recipes and dried fruit ideas, visit