Cranberries — The Star of the Season

Cranberries — The Star of the Season

While pumpkin may reign supreme in October, cranberries have the market cornered on November and Christmas holidays! From cranberry sauce accompanying a turkey feast on Thanksgiving to complementing a spiral ham or roast beef on Christmas Day — regardless of what is being served throughout the holidays, cranberries are the star of the season! The Traina family shares ways to use this beautiful fruit any day of the week.


On a Charcuterie Board — When hosting a party or serving up appetizers, charcuterie boards are easy to put together yet oh-so versatile and elegant to boot — the perfect holiday party crowd pleaser! When putting together a customized board for the holidays, think thick slices of summer sausage and other meats such as prosciutto and salami, fig jam and or seeded mustard, toasted bread points and crackers, dried fruit including dried cranberries (and dried apricots are a great addition to a charcuterie plate and adds a contrast of color), a mix of nuts and a selection of cheeses. 


Jazz up Holiday Dinner Staples — Dried cranberries can be added to nearly any Thanksgiving or Christmas meal or side dish. Consider adding some to simple canned cranberry sauce to add texture and bite, or toss some into a sweet potato casserole or even an apple pie. A sprinkle of dried cranberries atop of a warm bowl of roasted root vegetables is another way to add flavor and color to a holiday feast. 


In a Winter Salad — An array of dried fruits can be used to brighten up (and liven up!) a winter salad. For example, topping a salad consisting of spinach, goat cheese or blue cheese, and walnuts or pecans with a sprinkling or rich jewel toned dried cranberries creates a delicious dish that presents the colors of Christmas in a bowl!


In Christmas Cookies and Desserts — Speaking of Christmas, one of the yummiest traditions of this holiday is baking! A batch of white chocolate cranberry cookies will make a festive donation to a cookie party exchange, and dried cranberries are also quite at home in oatmeal cookies, ginger sugar cookies, and even alongside hints of orange in holiday breads and scones. A delicious cranberry Christmas cake can be served after dinner (or even as a sweet breakfast treat!) with a hot cup of coffee, chai tea or hot chocolate. Easy, seasonal and colorful white chocolate bark can also be given another layer of flavor with the addition of dried cranberries. 


Regardless of what is being served this holiday season, cranberries certainly are the star! And let’s not forget celebratory toasting at each holiday gathering with a glass of bubbly with some cranberries dropped in for an elegant look!