Creative Uses for Condiments

Creative Uses for Condiments

With such a vast array of condiments from ketchup and mustard to BBQ sauce, salsa and aioli, there is no limit to remaking any dish using condiments that probably are already in the fridge or pantry in homes around the world. Instead of simply using them out of the bottle, the Traina family offers the following ways to get creative with condiments!


Do the Dip — Combining condiments can create a whole new taste for burgers, dogs, and sandwiches and it can be used to make dips, too. Think BBQ sauce and sour cream, ketchup, mayo and mustard, honey and soy sauce. Any condiment combo can totally change the flavor of whatever it’s topping – and it can also create a dip for chips, crudité and more. 


Use it as a Shortcut — With the creative flavors of Traina® Home Grown’s ketchups and BBQ sauces — including Sriracha Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup, Sicilian Tomato and Herb Ketchup, Sun Dried Apricot BBQ Sauce and Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce — a recipe can be cut much quicker by using these staples in lieu of a longer ingredient list, or these condiments can be used in place of traditional sauces. For example, in place of marinara sauce on pizza Traina’s recipe for BBQ Chicken Pizza uses Traina® Home Grown Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce, and Traina’s Caprese Pasta Salad incorporates Traina Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup to give this easy dish an extra punch of flavor.


Add it to Sides, Soups and Salads — Switching up condiments is another great way to liven up side dishes, soups and salads. Much like the Caprese Pasta Salad, potato salad, bean salad and other side dishes can be totally recreated by using a different condiment besides just mayonnaise. For example, combining sour cream and Traina® Home Grown Sun Dried BBQ Sauce in either flavor, shredded cheese, green onion and bacon bits can turn traditional potato salad into a loaded baked potato dish. Adding some Traina Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup to homemade broths and stocks makes a delicious base for vegetable soup or minestrones and also serves to thicken the texture. For an easy way to mix up a homemade salad dressing, add a little ketchup to an oil and vinegar based recipe for an Italian twist; BBQ sauce, ginger and soy sauce for an Asian-inspired dressing; honey, mustard and mayo for a classic creamy honey mustard dressing; or simply add a few drops of spicy Sriracha or another favorite hot sauce to a premade ranch dressing to create another level of flavor. 


Getting creative with condiments is a fun and easy way to take any meal to the next level. It’s also a great way to get kids involved in the meal making — since there are really no “rules” or right or wrong when it comes to condiment mash-ups. Let the whole family get in on the fun and discover all the ways condiments can flavor up any dish!