Cyclist Bob Kimball

Cyclist Bob Kimball Gets His Energy from Sun Dried Fruit

Cyclist Bob Kimball Gets His Energy from Sun Dried Fruit

88-year-old competitive cyclist Bob Kimball is a longtime fan of sun dried fruit...

Kimball worked for Traina Foods, the nation’s largest sun dried fruit manufacturer for over 20 years.

In his time with Traina Foods, Kimball took up cycling as a way to get and stay fit.

These days, Kimball eats fruit bars, made with Traina Foods sun dried fruit to get the energy he needs to do what he loves: cycling.

“I like fruit bars. They give you some good energy between meals when you’re riding long days,” he said.

Kimball is not slowing down any time soon. After cycling for 27 years, he has now completed tours of 11 different states around the country, each lasting about 5 days. At one point, Kimball was riding about 2,000 miles each year.

Last year, Kimball decided he wanted to ride 880 miles by his 88th birthday in October—he came up with the number by adding a zero to his age. When October came around, he had completed his goal.

Kimball said he enjoys cycling because he is able to see a variety of different places and landscapes while staying fit.