Dried Fruit: The Perfect Snack for Every Diet

Dried Fruit: The Perfect Snack for Every Diet

Dieting can be tricky business. Depending on what diet one decides to follow, there are usually some limitations or even food groups that are to be avoided entirely. Generally, however, fruits and vegetables get the green light regardless of the diet style — whether vegan or vegetarian, low calorie, plant-forward, gluten-free, etc. — because they are indeed real whole foods rich in vitamins and nutrients that every body needs. Traina Foods® explains why dried fruit is the perfect snack or addition to liven up any diet or lifestyle.


Vegan/Vegetarian/Plant-Forward — It’s no surprise that there is a major movement toward a more plant-forward way of eating. Whether following a vegan or vegetarian diet or simply wanting to add more fruits and vegetables to any diet, Traina Foods® products are an easy, flavorful and delicious way to enjoy more real fruits. For example, Traina Home Grown fruitons® line comes in a variety of flavors of bite-sized fruit pieces that can be eaten all by themselves as a quick snack or paired with nuts, oats and seeds for an easy trail mix.


Calorie-Counting/Portion Control — Most dried fruit, depending on the variety, comes in at about 100 calories per serving. For those that are trying to keep their calorie count low, enjoying dried fruit is a great way to get a nutritious serving of fruit while also enjoying an easy, quick sweet snack. For those that meal prep or rely on portion control, Traina Home Grown fruitons® are available in single-serving packages, ideal to store nearly anywhere to grab on the go. Dried fruit is also ideal for fitness gurus, as the impact of snacking on dried fruit more and after a workout session is long lasting.


Gluten-Free — While fruit is naturally gluten free, not all dried fruit is processed the same way, so it is important for those that need to avoid gluten for health reasons closely check labels. However, Traina Foods® proudly uses a completely natural drying process to ensure its dried fruit ends up how it starts — gluten-free. For those with nut allergies or sensitivities, it’s also important to note that the Traina family utilizes very strict procedures to ensure there is no nut cross-contamination in its facilities. 


Dried fruit is nature’s perfect snack – packed with the vitamins, and nutrients to fuel active bodies and to satisfy those with a sweet tooth, also. For more about dried fruit and all of the Traina Foods® products, visit www.trainafoods.com.