Dried Fruit: The Solution to Nutritious Eating on the Go

Dried Fruit: The Solution to Nutritious Eating on the Go

For those that are trying to eat healthy and with a focus on more whole and plant-based foods, temptation is at every corner! Not planning properly for a busy day can easily result in a drive-through meal — and a detour from the nutritious eating plan. However, dried fruit offers a perfect solution in each tasty morsel. Traina® Home Grown offers tips on why dried fruit is such an ideal on the go choice!


According to Today’s Dietician, “Traditional dried fruits (those that don't contain added sugars and are dried with minimal processing) such as raisins, prunes, dates, and figs, have similar nutrient profiles to their whole counterparts and, as a result, provide many of the same benefits.” One of those benefits, according to the site, is providing consumers with “important vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytochemicals.”


 For those that are concerned about the sugar in dried fruit, Today’s Dietician advises that because it is naturally occurring sugar, there should not be a concern. The article cites the 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans which “recommend[s] reducing added sugars, including those that occur naturally as in honey and fruit juices; however, dried fruit that doesn't contain added sugars is considered a whole fruit.”


With that in mind, dried fruit is an easy and convenient whole food to take on the go! Because it doesn’t not need to be kept cold prior to consumption and it’s easy to eat right out of the bag, dried fruit is ideal for road trips, pre- and post-workouts, a quick afternoon snack to ward off the afternoon crash or to simply add volume, taste and flavor to a side salad, a handful or nuts or a piece of cheese.


When planning a long hike, bike or exercise session, taking along a bag of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and even some coconut shavings or chocolate chips is a great way to stay fueled. It’s also the perfect snack to give to kids during a long road trek since they are easy to eat, not too messy and nutritious enough to keep their hunger at bay for several hours.


There is really no wrong time to enjoy dried fruit and all its benefits! Having some dried fruit on hand can help stave off a sugar craving and can keep people on track for a nutritious New Year!