Dried Fruit — The Easy Solution for Busy Dieters

Dried Fruit — The Easy Solution for Busy Dieters

There is certainly a movement for people to steer away from packaged highly processed foods and even supplements and instead focus on a diet rich in real foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Most scientists, researchers, dieticians and nutritionists alike will agree that if a person is getting an adequate intake of the proper vitamins and nutrients through the right foods, supplements aren’t even necessary.  


So if eating right is the key to health and weight management, two things that most people in this society desire, why aren’t more people eating their fruits and veggies? Convenience seems to be a main reason why. In this fast-paced, fast food-driven world, most people don’t have the time (or energy!) to spend making homemade meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So in an effort to be at the forefront of the real food movement, Traina Foods offers easy tips to help people eat their fruits and veggies.


The term “meal prep” may sound a little daunting, but people should know that meal prepping isn’t just for gym goers or hard-core dieters. It’s just a well-used term for preparing and cooking meals in advance to set oneself up for a week of healthy eating. The idea is to set aside a few hours at the beginning of the week to clean, chop and prepare fruits and vegetables so they are easy to “grab and go” and also prepare a few meals that can be portioned out and reheated throughout the week as needed. Nearly any recipe can be made in advance and reheated later, but there are likely some that “hold” better than others — so it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little time researching easy meal prep recipes to find some that sound healthy and delicious.


Another easy way to get in those fruits and veggies is to bag them into individual portions for snack time, on-the-go mini meals and for when a craving hits. Cut up fruits and veggies are perfect for this along with Traina Foods prepackaged dried fruits, such as the Traina Home Grown fruitons line of dried fruit varieties including Apricot, Natural Cherries and Fruit Blend that come in individual snack-sized bags that can be tucked into an office desk drawer, purse, soccer or dance bag to enjoy at any time. No refrigeration needed! For those on the go all day might benefit from storing a small cooler in their car to keep fresh produce cold and crisp throughout the day, but even a small ice pack in a reusable lunch sack can do the job.


For dieters that suffer from eating the same old bland and boring meals (how many salads can one person eat?), Traina Foods suggests dried fruit to help add a little fun and flavor to any dish. Not only does dried fruit provide an added level of texture and flavor, its boosts the nutritional content of any meal. Dried fruits are chock full of fiber (key in keeping that digestive system working properly) as well as other vitamins, essential nutrients and antioxidants. 


Traina Foods invites healthy eaters to join the real food movement — starting with eating more dried fruit! For more ideas on adding dried fruit to any recipe, visit www.trainafoods.com.