Easy Tips for Eating Healthy Through the Holidays

Easy Tips for Eating Healthy Through the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the time when eating healthy really becomes a challenge! Between Christmas cookies, festive functions at work and with family and friends, and multiple holiday it’s practically impossible not to celebrate all month long! But that doesn’t have to equate to sabotaging one’s healthy-eating plan. Traina Foods offers a few simple tips to stay on track this holiday while still enjoying this spirited season.

Plan Ahead | Eating properly takes the same planning and commitment as any other obligation in life — so treat it as such. Write out grocery lists, and make time for prepping healthy meals and to-go snacks. Some of the easiest to-go foods are naturally pre-packaged and ready to go such as bananas, apples and oranges. Paired with a string cheese and some nuts, this healthy “bite” can serve as a snack or even a mini meal in a pinch. Traina Foods dried fruit is another perfect accompaniment for nuts, cheese and seeds. Because it’s high in fiber, dried fruit also helps the body feel fuller longer, which helps fend of cravings.

Never Go Hungry | To fight off the temptation of a buffet table full of holiday treats, it's a good idea to fuel up before a party or event. A cup of warm broth or another healthy mini meal (such as an apple and peanut or almond butter, or deli meat and cheese slices wrapped in lettuce) can be just enough to satiate an empty (and tempted!) tummy. It’s easier not give into temptation on a satisfied stomach.

Bring a Dish | When contributing to an office party, friend’s holiday bash or family feast, volunteer to bring a dish. This ensures there will be something healthy and delicious on the menu!

Host a Healthy Holiday Party | Invite guests to a healthy potluck party — with a challenge to make the healthiest, yummiest dish. Guests can vote — and make sure there is a prize for the winner; motivation is key in healthy eating.

Leave Room for Indulgences | It’s okay to indulge in the occasional holiday treat. Eating right is all about moderation and balance — and that includes allowing sweets! Enjoy it (guilt-free!), and then get back on track. 

The best part about healthy eating is that it is truly delicious, and it should not be about deprivation. Finding crave-worthy ways to eat healthy makes it enjoyable so it seems less like a task and more like a reward. After all, a healthy body is the ultimate reward for eating right! For healthy (and delicious!) meal ideas, visit www.trainafoods.com.