Easy Ways to Add Dried Fruit to Any Recipe

Easy Ways to Add Dried Fruit to Any Recipe

Dried fruit can not only liven up a recipe, it can add a delicious texture and a whole new flavor to a multitude of meals! Traina® Home Grown loves to experiment with different ways to add dried fruit to traditional (and not so traditional) recipes to create an entirely new taste. The Traina family offers a few of their favorite ways to incorporate dried fruit into any meal — and some delicious recipes, too.

Scones, Sweets and More — Dried fruit is right at home in a delicious baked goods recipe. Think orange and cranberry scones, dried blueberry granola bars or even bread pudding. In fact, Traina’s College Gnawledge recipe for Bread Pudding with fruitons® Summer Dried Fruit Blend is so easy, it was designed for college students to be able to make it in their dorm rooms that are equipped with few kitchen appliances, and Traina’s Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Cookies make a tasty accompaniment to a cup of coffee, chai tea or a cold glass of milk! Dried fruit is also tasty tossed into a sweet trail mix with chocolate chips, nuts or seeds and toasted oats. 

Soups and Stews — As fall weather ignites the desire for warm, soul-filling comfort foods, it’s time to break out the crock pots, soup pots and casserole dishes! Traina’s Vegetable Soup with Sun Dried Tomato Breadcrumb Crunch makes a filling snack or it can be part of a meal served with a classic grilled cheese. A few golden raisins sprinkled into a beef stew or chicken casserole is another great way to use dried fruit in comfort foods.

Dips and Apps — Pomegranate arils are a beautiful and tasty way to brighten up both the look and the flavor of dips such as guacamole or hummus. But the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity — and the adventurousness of own’s own palate. For example, Traina’s Hot & Sweet Sun Dried Apricot Dipping Sauce makes a tasty dip for fresh green beans or any veggie, and Traina’s Eggplant Relish with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Golden Raisins with a warm loaf of crusty bread is a great starter to any autumn meal or a yummy lunch!

One of the great parts about dried fruit is that it’s always in season! The Traina family encourages home cooks and professional chefs alike to get creative with dried fruit as they consider fall-inspired recipes and menus this season. For more recipes and inspiration, click here!