Fueling the Body with Dried Fruit for “Move More Month”

Fueling the Body with Dried Fruit for “Move More Month”

The American Heart Association has deemed April “Move More Month,” with the hopes of encouraging people to be more active and commit to being more physically active. April is also a great time to enjoy outdoor activities from biking, hiking, long-distance jogging or even just walking, which is the number one fitness activity across the globe. To fuel the body for physical activity this month, and all year round, Traina Home Grown dried fruits are easy, portable and delicious — and have numerous positive impacts on a workout session.


A handful of dried fruits enjoyed with some nuts or oats, or added to a fruit or veggie smoothie are great ways to prepare the body for a long workout. Many fitness experts and nutritionists agree that dried fruits are ideal for a pre-workout meal because they can help maximize the body’s efforts on the trail. It’s important to have a balance of fats, carbs and protein to keep the body energized throughout the course of a hike or a long bike ride, and dried fruits serve as an easily digestible carb. Just as important as fueling the body before a workout, is fueling it after. Traina Hone Grown dried fruits can be stashed in a gym bag for a quick post-workout snack or in a backpack to enjoy at a mountain’s summit while taking in the views.


There are so many benefits to being active and truly enjoying the activity at hand. When it comes to physical activity, it’s important that people find something they really love so that they actually want to do it again and again — and to be able to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. According to the American Heart Association, regular activity boosts health with results that people can see and feel — and what’s not to love about that? Just a few of the benefits of regular activity include:


Boosted Mood — Maintaining a regular fitness routine can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, increase energy, and provide a “feel good sensation.”


Stamina — Being physically fit gives people the benefit of being able to power through physical exertion while also increasing muscle strength and the body’s ability to function properly well into old age. It can even add years onto one’s life.


Reduced Risk of Disease/Illness — Being more physically active can help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and circulation, and prevent bone loss that could lead to osteoporosis.


With these benefits, and knowing how easy and delicious it can be to fuel the body before and after a workout with Traina Home Grown dried fruits, there is no reason not to make April the month of moving more! For more tips, recipe ideas and how to incorporate dried fruit into any meal, visit www.trainafoods.com.