Fun and Easy Edible Gifts

Fun and Easy Edible Gifts

With the holiday season in full swing, there are parties to attend and gifts to give. For a perfect hostess gift or trinket to give to co-workers, friends and loved ones, consider an array of “edible” gifts — homemade snacks and treats that allow the gift-giver to create something personal to share with their loved ones. The Traina family offers the following suggestions for “edible” gift-giving this holiday.


Custom-made Granola or Trail Mix — There is no end to the creative combinations of granola or trail mix that can be made and gifted to loved ones this season. Have fun testing new combinations, making unique blends and packaging them beautifully to match the deliciousness inside!


Hot Chocolate, Muffin or Bread Mix — While giving pre-made treats are great, a fun way to spread some holiday cheer while giving a delicious holiday gift is to give a mix or collection of ingredients that recipients can prepare and make whenever they want! Hot chocolate in a jar (with layered ingredients including sugar, cocoa powder, dried milk, fresh shavings of chocolate and mini marshmallows) is a great gift as is a jar of bread or muffin mix, such as Traina’s Cranberry Bran Muffins). 


Homemade Specialties — Everyone loves a gift from the heart. As the gift giver, making a “specialty” for friends and family is a great way to personalize a gift “just from you.” Baked-good gift givers should stick with their signature specialty — whether it’s brownies, sugar cookies with holiday decorations or even fruit cake! Or make a sweet edible specialty a new tradition to give each year, such as Traina’s recipe for super easy No Bake Greek Yogurt Bark


Chocolate Dipped Treats — Chocolate-dipped dried fruit (like Traina’s family recipe for Chocolate Dipped Sun-Dried Pears with Cashews) is another fun way to personalize a treat. Dipping a variety of fruit with milk, white or dark chocolate and using a variety of chopped nuts is another great way to personalize this easy edible give. 


For a customized one-of-a-kind gift this year, edible treats are a fun way to make and give this season! The Traina family encourages edible gift-givers to get creative and add some personal style to each gift!