Traina Planting a Tree

The Gift of Work

The Gift of Work

A family tradition of getting your hands dirty

One of the many lessons our grandfather, Justin Traina (1900 – 2013), taught us was that work develops both character and empathy

Every member of the extended Traina family remembers the unique gift they got from Patriarch Justin Traina as a teenager: a two-week stay at the Patterson ranch and a hands-on lesson in manual labor. Many took him up on the offer, despite the hard work and absence of pay. The lesson was just as much empathy for others as it was how to work the land. As Justin said: “You will either learn the reward of hard work or the value of a college degree and air conditioning.” 

There’s still a lot of Mom & Pop in Traina Foods. Our business may have gone global, but our standards are still set on the family ranch, where four generations of Trainas have been cultivating fruit using time-honored traditions.