Holiday Uses for Traina Foods Dried Fruit

Harvest and Holiday Uses for Traina Foods Dried Fruit

Harvest and Holiday Uses for Traina Foods Dried Fruit

Harvest and Holiday Uses for Traina Foods Dried Fruit

With autumn well underway and seasonal holidays upon us, there is no better time to incorporate Traina Foods variety of dried fruits into new recipe ideas. Dried fruits add a pop of flavor and an unexpected twist to traditional holiday recipes from sides to desserts.



Punch up a basic baked brie starter by topping it with a variety of Traina Foods dried fruit, such as the American Blend featuring diced peaches, cranberries, blueberries, diced apples and golden raisins or the Bakers’ Fruit Medley with diced pears, peaches, nectarines and apricots. For a more savory rendition, sun dried tomatoes and pesto can be used in place of dried fruit topping.


Adding dried fruit to holiday charcuterie boards is another way to add flavor and elegance to holiday party starters. Think rolled meats, cheese slices or cubes, dried fruits such as peaches, apricots, apple rings, dates and figs.



Stuffing is a mainstay at nearly any holiday feast, and it can be jazzed up using a variety of dried fruit selections. For a stuffing with a “sweet” twist, adding dried pears and plums can do the trick!


Cranberries can’t be forgotten at Christmas! Forget the canned variety and instead make a homemade variety using reconstituted Traina Foods dried cranberries, and adding a few Traina Foods dried cherries for a sweeter version. For Hanukkah festivities traditional homemade applesauce can be given an extra texture and flavor with the use of Traina Foods Baker’s Fruit Medley Blend.


Main Entrees

Creating a chutney using dried fruit is the perfect topper for poultry like chicken and turkey as well as pork. Fruit-based glazes with dried fruit accompaniments, such as apricot glazed roasted turkey with julienne apricots or cranberry braised short ribs.



Kids and adults alike can’t resist holiday sweets! Traditional fruitcake, which sometimes gets a bad rap, can take a delicious turn using fresh and naturally sun dried Traina Foods fruit blends. Apricot halves can be incorporated into traditional kiefle, rolled holiday cookies. They can also be used in other breads, such as Christmas spiced breads, biscotti and muffins.


Versatile dried fruit can be used in all types of holiday cooking and baking. Getting into the kitchen and getting creative with Traina Foods all natural sun dried fruits can turn up the volume on any starter, meal or dessert.