Health Benefits of Dried Fruits — Reducing Risk of Disease, Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure and more

Health Benefits of Dried Fruits — Reducing Risk of Disease, Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure and more

It’s often said that food is the best medicine to heal the body. As cultural heritage and today’s social standards continue to meld, using food as medicine is becoming more prevalent as an alternative or in conjunction with modern medicine. While eating healthy and properly for each person’s unique body makeup can vary widely, there is no arguing the health benefits that one can glean from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Traina Foods™ proudly shares some of the best health benefits gained by enjoying dried fruit as part of a healthy diet — and how to get enough of those important fruits into each day.


Today’s fast-paced world deems it nearly impossible to get the proper fruit intake, which is defined as two to three servings per day according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food Pyramid. However, Traina Foods’ wide variety of dried fruit makes it a bit easier to get one’s daily quota. Take, for example, the Fruitons line, which comes in individual snack-size bags ideal for on the go fueling up as well as larger six-ounce bags that can be used in the kitchen in countless ways — sprinkling on yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, salads, and more. These bite-size bits are also available in a variety of flavors from the All American Blend with peaches, apples, cranberries, raisins and blueberries to single fruit selections such as sour-dusted cherries, sun dried tomatoes and apricots, so there is something for every taste.


Those servings of fruit are super-important because of all the ways they can help boost health. Potassium, which is present in many fruits such as bananas, apricots, raisins and dates, can reduce risk of heart disease, kidney stones and even stroke. Potassium is also credited with helping to decrease age-related bone loss and for maintaining healthy blood pressure.


Fruit is also a crucial — and delicious — way to get one’s fill of fiber, which has a host of benefits for the body. In fact it's the fiber in fruit that can be attributed to helping reduce blood cholesterol levels and may also be credited for lowering the risk of heart disease. Fiber also keeps the digestive system working properly. Dried mangoes, apples and bananas all have high fiber counts. Other important nutrients and vitamins found in fruit include folate (or folic acid), which is vital for helping the body form red blood cells and reducing risks of specific diagnoses during fetal development such as neural tube defects and spina bifida; and vitamin C, which helps the body grow and repair tissues, heal cuts and wounds and maintain oral health. According to the United States Department of Agriculture website, eating fruit as part of a healthy diet may also protect the body against certain types of cancer. 


With all the evidence pointing to fruit’s health benefits, combined with the easy and convenient accessibility of Traina Foods dried fruit, there’s no reason not to make fruit, in any form, a part of one’s everyday health plan. For more tips, ideas and recipes, visit