Healthy Fitness Tips for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Healthy Fitness Tips for a Plant-Based Lifestyle

When focusing on a particular diet or eating plan, it’s important to incorporate fitness, too! While a majority of weight loss can certainly be attributed to proper nutrition (gotta eat those fruits and veggies!), a healthy lifestyle can be balanced with proper fitness too.

Regular fitness has a number of benefits aside from the “obvious” physical results of toned muscles and a svelte figure. Studies list better and more quality sleep, improved mood, increased energy levels as just a few of the top benefits of exercise, not to mention improved brain health and memory, reduction of inflammation and reduced chronic pain.

While maintaining a regular fitness routine can sometimes seem daunting in today’s society with such packed schedules already, it doesn’t take much to fit in a workout! In fact, a brisk 20-minute daily walk or 30-45 minute sweat session a few times a week is enough of a jumpstart to get a great fitness routine started.

For those just dipping their toe into the world of fitness, Traina Foods suggests trying new things! While one may dread the thought of hoofing it on the treadmill, another may enjoy the solitude. From group fitness classes, to enjoying the great outdoors via a hike or on a bike, there are so many options! 

It’s also important to create a schedule for fitness. Adding it into one’s already busy schedule a little at a time will make the commitment less daunting and more achievable than starting out saying, “I’m going to work out for an hour every day!” 

Fueling the body properly is another crucial part of any fitness routine. Some may be tempted to exercise on an empty stomach, but the body needs that fuel to rev up! Even if a workout is the first thing on an early-morning agenda, exercisers should eat something small such as a banana or whole grain toast with peanut butter to give the body enough energy and stamina to get through the workout. Traina Foods suggests a handful of dried fruit bits, of course… perhaps sprinkled with a few almonds or walnuts. Even those enjoying a plant-based diet can get the protein they need to fuel a workout through healthy foods that aren’t necessarily “meat”-based.

When it comes to fitness, remember to make it fun, but challenge oneself — the body is capable of so much! Be positive, try hard and don’t get intimidated by a new or “tough” workout.