Healthy Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Healthy Ways to Celebrate Halloween

It’s hard to believe that October is already and fall holidays are about to begin! Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with the whole family. But the festivities shouldn’t revolve only around collecting candy. Traina Foods suggests some healthy and fun way to enjoy this end-of-October holiday.

Host a Party — Instead of having the kids go door to door for candy, host a fun Halloween party where the food and treats that are provided can be controlled. Think old school ideas such as bobbing for apples, making homemade popcorn balls or 

Think Outside the Bar — The candy bar that is… With the every evolving awareness of food allergies and sensitivities (not to mention this society’s over-consumption of sugar), consider other items to pass out for trick or treat such as pencils, temporary tattoos, stickers, or any other miniature items/toys that can be found at dollar and discount stores.

Rock the Teal — The Teal Pumpkin Project brings awareness to gluten-free sensitivities and alerts trick or treaters that are gluten-free where they can find safe “treats” and promotes inclusion for all trick or treaters. This can include non-edible treats like the above mentioned, but also gluten-free and all natural treats such as Traina Foods fruitons Sun Dried fruits in individual .75 oz. packs that are perfect for dropping into trick or treat bags.

Have a Pumpkin Carving or a Costume Contest — Take the focus off the sweets and turn the attention to other fun Halloween-themed contests, crafts and activities such as a pumpkin carving contest, making a haunted house or going to a corn maze. Or get the neighbors together and host a costume contest. Make it interesting by adding rules like “homemade costumes only,” plus fun awards such as most creative, least amount spent to make the costume, and more.

Regardless of how Halloween is spent, Traina Foods invites trick or treaters and October 31st-partiers to have a safe and happy holiday. To order Traina Foods individual packages to hand out on Halloween, visit