How to Decorate for Fall Using Food and Items from Nature

How to Decorate for Fall Using Food and Items from Nature

With fall comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so many other fun and celebratory holidays that it’s never too early (or too late) to create some beautiful fall home décor and tablescapes to get into the spirit of the season. The Traina family offers fun, simple and elegant ways to use food as well as nature-inspired items to bring some of autumn’s bounty — and beauty — inside the home.


It’s All About Hue — When decorating for fall, take inspiration from the colors that nature gives off this time of year — when it comes to fall leaves, pumpkins — everything! Deep reds, orange, mustard yellow, browns, rich greens and event hints of deep royal blue can all be used to create stunning fall décor throughout the home. These tones can all be represented through November or until Christmas and other December holiday decorations take over.


Pick a Theme — With little ones in the house, there are never too many pumpkins! Especially with all the beautiful colors, sizes, shapes and varieties. From white and muted green to classic orange and even those odd varieties such as warty pumpkins and the adorable mini striped ones, there are never too many pumpkins and never enough ways to use them! They can be added to tablescapes, the mini ones can be used as place settings and they can even be used for planting! For an elegant adult Halloween gathering, consider all white pumpkins; or for a kids party, carve up a bunch and set aglow them around the house with mini tea lights. Heirlooms pumpkins make for unusual décor along a mantle our gathered on a front porch. Using pumpkins as the centerpiece for any fall décor theme is a great place to start.


Food for Thought — There are many simple ways to incorporate food in decorating beyond pumpkins! Think ears of corn in a rainbow of color or apples and pears in pretty bowls, or fresh lettuces of various hues, accessorized with items found in nature this time of year such as dried leaves, fall florals and foliage in deep greens. Traina® Home Grown dried fruit can even be used for display to add pops of deep red. Consider adding dried cranberries or cherries to a floral arrangement with a clear vase or simply filling some small jars with the dried fruit mixed with acorn seeds found on a forest floor. Hint: children are typically very good at finding these on a nature walk. Corn husks, cinnamon sticks, and pinecones are all also great ways to get that fall feeling in one’s home décor.


The ways that items from nature and fall foods can be used to create a beautiful home décor for all the season’s festivities is really up to the imagination! For those with a knack for decorating, the sky’s the limit! For those that don’t consider themselves natural DIYers, Pinterest, YouTube and stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby can likely provide just the inspiration and how-to needed! Happy fall, y’all!