How Regular Dried Fruit Consumption Can Help Decrease Risk of Chronic Disease

How Regular Dried Fruit Consumption Can Help Decrease Risk of Chronic Disease

Today’s health industry is widely dependent on pharmaceuticals and prescription medications. In fact, the World Health Organization reports the global pharmaceuticals industry is worth a whopping $300 billion. However, annually more than 100,000 people die from proper use of prescription medication (not overdose – simply by using the medication in the exact way it was prescribed) and chronic diseases from heart disease to diabetes are on the rise. 


However, more and more scientists and researchers are touting the correlation between health and proper diet. The age-old idea that food truly is medicine is back, and studies show that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables helps to decrease the risks of these diseases and more. The Traina family is on a mission to help spread the word that a fruit-forward™ diet can play an integral part in getting one’s health back on track, in living a long and healthy life, and in preventing chronic illnesses like stroke, high-blood pressure and even cancer.


The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that “cardiovascular diseases, the major killers worldwide, are to a great extent due to unbalanced diets and physical inactivity.” However, risk of heart disease and stroke in particular is reduced by eating less saturated fats and trans fats and eating more polyunsaturated fats, fruits and vegetables (along with physical activity and weight control). In the case of cancer, the WHO states in addition to avoiding tobacco use, limiting alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight, “ensuring an adequate intake of fruit and vegetables should further reduce risk for oral cavity, oesophagus, stomach and colorectal cancer.” 


The WHO touts the fact that healthy diets and physical activity are essential for good nutrition and a long and healthy life, and the organization also points out eating nutrient-dense foods is important in all stages of life. Traina® Home Grown’s naturally sun dried products, such as simple and delicious fruitons®, which retain the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber of their fresh counterparts, are an easy way to get a dose of “food as medicine” every day.


While the movement to seeking food as nutrition continues to be backed by more hard evidence, Traina® Home Grown is dedicated to providing easy, delicious and portable ways to enjoy a nutrient-dense snack or mini meal anytime, and practically anywhere. For more on the fruit-forward™ movement, easy tips for dried fruit consumption, and recipes, visit