Ideas for Safe and Healthy Halloween Treats

Ideas for Safe and Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is a fun time for the whole family with parties, festivals, pumpkin patches and corn mazes throughout October, not to mention the main event — trick or treating on the 31st! But for those with food allergies or sensitivities, this holiday can seem intimidating or exclusive. With the Teal Pumpkin Project, which brings awareness to those with food allergies and advocates for inclusion by offering safe non-food related “treats” and healthy ones, too. 

Traina Foods fruits are naturally gluten free and don’t have any added sugar, are a safe and healthy treat. The company employs strict procedures to ensure there is no possibility of contamination from peanuts or any tree nut in the fruits or the facility itself Traina Foods fruitons in .75-ounce packages are the perfect treat to hand out to trick-or-treaters, and are available for in a variety pack of 18 for just $8.95. For households serving non-edible treats, they can put out a teal pumpkin (either a painted one, or a decoration one which can be found in most stores’ Halloween supplies section). This lets trick or treaters know that the house serves non-edible or allergy-free treats.

Along with naturally healthy foods, non-edible treats are gaining popularity for trick or treat time. The dollar store, party stores, and discount bins at stores such as Target are great places to score inexpensive packs of pencils, stickers, mini coloring books, plastic rings or other small trinkets or toys. Another fun idea is handing out quarters or silver dollars to trick-or-treaters.

For parents of children with food sensitivities and allergies, it’s important that the child understands their lists of “can” and “can’t” eat prior to hitting the neighborhood to trick or treat. Parents can also ask their children not to eat anything until they have had a chance to look through everything to determine if it’s safe to eat. This is a good idea for parents to do, regardless of food sensitivities or allergies, to ensure nothing has been tampered with or looks unfit to eat.

Instead of risking the chance that a child with food sensitivities or allergies eats something that could cause a reaction, families can forgo trick or treating and instead host a Halloween bash. This ensures control over the food served and treats handed out, and it’s simply a fun way to spend the holiday! Guests can participate in traditional games such as bobbing for apples, with non-edible prizes.

The Traina Food family sends good wishes for a safe, healthy and fun Halloween! For more about all of Traina Foods’ all natural California sun dried fruits, visit