Light Meal Ideas for Spring Featuring Dried Fruit

Light Meal Ideas for Spring Featuring Dried Fruit

Spring is finally here! With the very wet and cold season that impacted so many areas of the country that aren’t used to that much of a “winter,” the results are now in full bloom — literally! With everything from citrus trees to wildflowers blossoming and the weather settling into this transitional season, it’s clear that it spring is in the air. With that in mind, Traina Home Grown® has “cooked up” some light meal ideas just for the season that are chock full of healthy and delicious dried fruits.

It’s time to store the crockpots away! In lieu of warming and comforting stews, soups and casseroles, it’s time enjoy meals that leave diners feeling a lighter. Instead of a heaping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs for example, try a pasta salad that incorporates some fresh arugula, Traina Home Grown® Sun Dried Tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar atop a bed of whole grain pasta. 

For a Greek-inspired pasta salad, cooked orzo serves as a blank canvas to add an artistic array of colorful produce such as cucumbers, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and red onion, Traina Home Grown® Dried Golden Raisins, and some crumbed feta. Topped with a spritz of lemon juice and olive oil, this meal is as fresh and “springy” as they come.

For those in warmer climates, spring is as good a time as any to break out the BBQ! Traina Home Grown’s® line of BBQ sauces, including Sun Dried Plum and Sun Dried Apricot varieties, add a distinct flavor profile to grilled chicken, burgers, pork chops and more. Grilled chicken breast mopped in Sun Dried Apricot BBQ Sauce and served with baked sweet potato wedges and a green salad is a perfect meal served al fresco this spring. For an oriental-inspired dish, creative cooks can use the Sun Dried Plum BBQ Sauce to create a teriyaki burger topped with Asian slaw, and served with cauliflower fried “rice.”

Traina Home Grown Dried Cranberries, Blueberries or even Cherries can add a pop of flavor and color to traditional chicken salad. Then add some walnuts, quartered red or green grapes and poppy seed dressing in place of mayonnaise to lighten up a classic chicken salad recipe. Instead of serving it as a sandwich in a croissant, scoop some onto a bed of chopped Romaine or green leaf lettuce. This can easily be prepared in advanced and even be packed up for a quick take-and-go lunch.

Traina Home Grown® products are so versatile and flavorful, they transcend the seasons! Any time of day or year, they can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes — both sweet and savory. For more meal ideas, tips and benefits of dried fruit, visit