Light Meals for Hot Summer Days

Light Meals for Hot Summer Days

When it’s just too hot to turn on the stove, or even heat something in the crockpot, it’s time to turn to easy and cool recipes that require little muss, little fuss… and no heating elements! Traina Foods offers quick and simple ideas for refreshing summer bites.

Stay Smooth | A cool and refreshing meal that is perfectly “sippable,” smoothies can serve as breakfast, lunch or even dessert depending on the ingredients added! Start off the day with a delicious rich and creamy combination of bananas and reconstituted Traina Foods’ dried blueberries. Any favorite combination of fruit, liquid and even veggies, with a little natural sweetener such as agave or honey can be made into a delicious drink! 

On-Hand Helpers | To keep things cool, sometimes using store-bought ready-made items can really bring a quick meal together (no heating elements necessary!). For example, pre-cooked ready-to-serve grilled chicken strips or chicken salad from the deli can be the start of a delicious salad (top a bowl of greens with grilled chicken strips, nuts or seeds, Traina Foods Fruitons blends and a simple vinaigrette; or fold pecans or walnuts, grapes and Traina Foods dried cranberries into pre-made chicken salad then scoop it into a croissant or onto a bed of lettuce).

Wrap and Roll | Any combination of deli meat, cheeses and condiments (think beyond mustard and mayo to inspired aioli sauces) can become a creative dish. For example, mix pre-made grilled chicken strips with a Traina Foods new Apricot BBQ sauces, top with store-bought slaw and roll into a tortilla) or wrap chilled shrimp drizzle with Traina Foods Plum BBQ sauce, pre-made rice, red bell pepper strips and sugar snap peas into butter lettuce cups and dip into soy sauce.

Sundaes for Supper | Summertime is about breaking… or at least bending the rules! So have a little fun and serve up some sweet supper every now and then! Top a scoop of ice cream with Traina Foods blends of dried fruit bits for a bit of added nutrition and flavor! 

Staying nourished during the hot summer months doesn’t take a whole production in the kitchen. Plan out some easy ideas so execution of a “cool” meal takes only a matter of minute. Traina Foods offers more meal ideas and recipe inspiration at