Maintaining New Year's Resolutions Beyond January

Maintaining New Year's Resolutions Beyond January

It’s hard to believe that it’s already February! And while many people make New Year’s resolutions in January, by this month, many of those resolutions have gone by the wayside. But why!? Despite a setback or challenges, Traina Home Grown encourages people to stick to their “New Year, New You” goals with a few easy tips and tricks to get through to the finish line:


Remember the Why — When faced with a particularly challenging moment, it helps to remember the “why.” For those struggling to keep going towards their goal, it’s a good idea to look back at the reason for making the goal or resolution in the first place. By asking themselves, “Why is this important to me?” “Why am I doing this?” “What will be different when I reach this goal?” Whether it’s saving money for a big trip or trying to lose weight for health reasons, it’s important to remember that the long haul will be worth it in the end. 


Consider the Progress — For those that have spent all January working toward their goals, look back on the progress made! For many 30 days is enough to create new habits and really see some improvement and changes. It may be hard to see them day to day, but when looking back a whole month resolution-makers are sure to see their progress more clearly. That in itself should be motivation enough to keep going!


Make it Easy — Making a big life change is challenging, regardless of the goal. So when setting a goal or making a resolution, it’s important to set one’s self up for success. That starts with planning out the execution and making mini-goals to reward and celebrate progress. Whether it’s scheduling in time three days a week to exercise or saving a certain amount from every paycheck towards a nest egg for a big trip, putting as much detail as possible into how the goal can be achieved will make it easier to achieve. For those wanting to eat more whole foods for example, prepping produce at the beginning of the week and always having an easy go to whole foods snack on hand such as some carrot sticks, nuts or Traina Home Grown dried fruit can make whole food eating on the go easy.


Don’t Quit — When making a resolution or aiming to reach a goal, there may be some setbacks. While this can be discouraging, it’s important to keep going! Stay strong and move past the setback with even more effort and determination. 


Traina Home Grown encourages those looking to eat more fruit and whole foods this year to visit for easy recipes and tips.