Make ahead California Sun Dried Fruit Cheese Ball

Make ahead California Sun Dried Fruit Cheese Ball

Jazz up the classic cheese ball with the sweetness of California sun dried fruits from Traina Foods. Watch this short recipe video to see how you can make this super fun and easy appetizer that will have your guests wanting more. Best of all, you can make it ahead of time, which means less stress for the fabulous hostess. Bonus!

In a large bowl, mix together cream cheese and honey until well blended. Add in gruyere cheese. The nutty flavor from this cheese will complement the dried fruit. And if that wasn’t enough nutty flavor, let’s throw in some chopped walnuts, too! Next, add in your favorite dried fruit blend. There are several varieties so just pick the flavor combination you like best. Now mix together this sweet and salty goodness until well blended.

Ok, time to get your hands a bit messy. Empty the contents of the bowl onto a clean surface and start shaping the mixture into a ball. Roll the cheese ball into more dried fruit covering the outside. Chill for one hour and serve with your favorite party crackers, crostini or pita wedges.

Tip: Ok for those who don’t like playing with their food, try adding the cheese mixture on top of clear food wrap and use that to shape it into a ball.

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