No-bake apricot energy bites

No-bake apricot energy bites

Need more energy? Or maybe your stomach thinks it’s lunch time but you still have an hour to wait? Watch this quick and easy recipe video on how to make delicious energy bites featuring Traina Food's California Sun Dried Apricots.

These portable bites of goodness are healthy and easy to make – no oven required! Just combine the ingredients, roll them up and let them chill for a bit. Soon, you will have a snack that travels well and tastes amazing.

But don’t stop with apricots, try experimenting by making this recipe with other Traina sun dried fruits like tart cherries or even blueberries. Create different flavors and store them in your freezer for a quick, ready to grab snack as you are heading out for the day.

Pretty simple, right? And, Traina makes it easy to buy the ingredients you need for all kinds of snack recipes. Shop here for sun dried apricots, and other sun dried fruit products.