Planning a Summer Picnic

Planning a Summer Picnic

June is the perfect time to get outdoors in the early evening before the summer sun gets too hot. With easy ideas from Traina Foods, picnic planning for a romantic rendezvous or for the whole family can be simple and fun. 

Pick the Right Spot — Before setting out on the picnic, it’s important to find the right spot. Some parks require reservations for “renting” a ramada, while others are first come first serve. Finding a spot with some shade (and not too many bugs!) is another important part of the picnic planning. A secluded area off the beaten path of a hiking trail for a throwback date night is perfect, but a park with playground equipment is more suited for a family-style picnic.

Prepare and Pack — Sometimes the simplest spreads are the most elegant. 

• A cheese and charcuterie board sounds fancy, but all it really takes is compiling some cheeses (look for a variety of unique flavors and a mixture of hard and soft cheeses), meats that can be purchased at the local deli, and a sprinkling of dried fruit bits (Traina Foods Fruitons Sun Dried Fruit Mix and All American Blend are good choices), nuts and a fancy jam such as fig preserves. Grab a fresh baguette and voila! 

• Another delicious option is an easy caprese with a soft mozzarella ball, fresh tomatoes and or Traina Foods Sun Dried Tomato Halves, basil and some crispy crackers or soft French loaf with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping. 

• For the whole family, a pre-made chicken salad from the deli can be dressed up with Traina Foods Dried Cranberries, walnuts and grapes, and made into sandwiches to “grab and go” whenever everyone is ready to settle down after some group play. 

• Traina Food dried fruit bits can also be mixed into yogurt or sun dried julienned tomatoes into hummus for sweet and savory dips. (Try shortbread cookies for the yogurt dip and pretzels or pita chips in the hummus).

Beyond the Bites — While the picnic food is the most important, a fun mobile lunch or dinner can be more of an event than just a meal. For a date night, bring some wine, music and a cozy blanket to cuddle up in once the sun dips down. For a group affair, don’t forget a Frisbee, football, jump ropes, etc. to keep the activity going all evening!

Pack it in, Pack it Out — Picnics are so enjoyable because they allow people to connect with nature. So be nice to Mother Nature and be sure to put all trash in a proper receptacle or be prepared to pack it out if there are no trash bins at the chosen picnic spot.