Plant-Based Diet Tops Food Trends for 2018

Plant-Based Diet Tops Food Trends for 2018

With the turn of the clock, it’s a brand new year… And with a new year come the resolutions and trends. One of the trends on track for 2018 is the plant forward movement and growing popularity of plant-based diets.

In fact, an article on, notes that Baum+Whiteman International Food and Restaurant Consultants predict plant-based foods to be the No. 1 food trend in the new year, claiming “plant-based is the new organic” with a “profound consumer shift to ‘plant-based foods.’” This is good news for vegetarians and vegans since restaurant menus and grocery store shelves are likely to change to follow this trend and appease this growing group of plant-forward or veggie centric eaters.

An article on U.S. News and World Report lists several benefits of indulging in a plant-based diet. Some of these benefits include warding off Type 2 diabetes, which is entirely preventable largely based on diet and exercise. The article also notes research from the Harvard School of Public Health that suggests a diet “loaded with fruits and veggies” can lower blood pressure, which can in essence reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Additional Harvard research found that the more fruits and vegetables people eat (an average of eight or more serving of produce), the lower their chances of developing cardiovascular disease — specifically, these people were “30 percent less likely to have a heart attack or stroke, compared to those who had less than 1.5 servings daily.” Other benefits include weight loss, keeping the digestive tract moving properly thanks to the high fiber content in fruits and vegetables, eye health, skin protection from sun damage and smoothing wrinkles. 

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