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Reconnecting with Tradition

Reconnection with Tradition

Architects and Socializers Seek a Return to the American Front Porch

When the 20th Century introduced the mobility of the automobile, and the attraction of television, an important feature of American life began to disappear: the front porch. The post-World War II housing boom reflected the move to the suburbs, where people entered the house through garages, and private backyard patios replaced the more public front porch. Families could disappear into the house without being seen.

Today, many Americans are looking for a return to traditional values, including the connection with family and community that the front porch provided. Architects and developers have been willing to accommodate. The Neotraditional or New Urban Village movement, including major proponents among California architects, began to put front porches back in their blueprints, along with village greens and other designs to foster community interaction.   

At Traina Foods, we’ve always considered the front porch part of the American ideal. You can see it in everything we do – right on our logo.