Serving a Plant Forward Dinner with Traina Foods

Serving a Plant Forward Dinner with Traina Foods

When it comes to serving the whole family a healthy, plant-forward dinner that will please everyone at the table, Traina foods has some simple, easy and delicious meal ideas to share. The key is adding bursts of expected flavor in different ways — Traina Foods’ Fruitons bite-sized dried fruit varieties are the perfect solution.

• Start off Right — Even an ordinary dinner can be made fancier by the addition of a starter salad before any meal. Simple greens are a great way to get more veggies in at the end of the day, and topping a salad with Traina Foods’ Fruitons add tons of flavor without adding an overload of calories. 

• Top it Off — Healthy lean meats from pork or beef tenderloin to roasted chicken can be made even more delicious — not to mention beautifully presented — by sprinkling Traina Foods’ Fruitons and some cheese (allow it to melt slightly prior sprinkling on the dried fruit and serving). Add another serving of greens — such as wilted spinach or green beans — to round out the meal.

• Sweeten the sweets — Dessert made better? Certainly! Just add some Traina Foods Fruitons to add flare and additional taste and texture to the top of a cake, muffin batter or even ice cream sundaes for a flavor-packed punch after a healthy, plant-forward dinner!

• Savor the Snack Attack — When the hunger dragon starts firing away, settle it down with a handful of Traina Foods Fruitons mixed with a few nuts like almonds or pecans, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, or even some peanut butter or cheese. 

Regardless of how dried fruits are added at any time, they are a great way to get a wide array of nutrients into any meal or snack. With the slow sun dried process of preparing Traina Foods dried fruits, Fruitons are as natural as the California sun.