Slim Down for Summer with Traina Foods

Slim Down for Summer with Traina Foods

It’s officially summer! That means swimsuits, pool parties, tank tops and shorts. It’s also the time to kick into gear on those fitness goals that allow people to look and feel their best during this season of so few articles of clothing. While it getting that desired figure doesn’t happen overnight, it just takes the first step to get started! Traina Foods offers suggestions for eating light this summer. 

For a quick and easy breakfast, sprinkle a few spoonful of Traina Foods all natural sun dried fruit on a healthy cereal such as Fiber One, Kellogg’s Special K or Kashi Honey Puffs. Or make a healthy homemade granola with oats, nuts, fruit bits (such as Traina Foods Fruitons in apricot or dried fruit mix varieties) and a bit of honey, cinnamon or even pumpkin pie spice.

Summers are for salads! The Traina Foods family has a number of recipes that offer a fresh twist on salads that are sure to taste as good as they are good for the body! For example, the refreshing and healthy yet hearty Sun Dried Fruit, Brown Rice and Quinoa Salad is loaded with fresh herbs that will please the palate and the waistline! It’s also a great dish to share with those focusing on a plant-forward lifestyle. Another savory salad that goes beyond the boundaries of basic is Traina Foods Asparagus Salad with California Sun Dried Tomatoes. For those that prefer to enjoy a more protein-loaded diet by way of meat and poultry and pork, Traina Foods’ Lettuce Wraps with Sun Dried Cherry Dressing is super easy to whip up using a little help from a store-bought rotisserie chicken (a bonus when it’s just too hot to even turn on the oven or fire up the grill!).

For a treat at the end of a healthy day, give Traina Foods Chocolate Dipped Sun-Dried Pears with Cashews. With the perfect chewy yet crunchy bite and smooth decadent chocolate, just one is enough to satisfy a sweet tooth craving! 

Eating fresh and light isn’t just a seasonal thing! Enjoying a healthy diet doesn’t have to mean depriving one’s self of delicious food that fuels the body properly all year round. Traina Foods encourages those with a zest for flavor to explore all the Traina Foods products at