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Slow Down & Live Life

Slow Down & Live Life

Sometimes the Simple Answer is Best

There’s nothing wrong with a smart appliance, a quick meal, a good wifi connection and other modern conveniences. But recent studies report that Americans are more stressed than ever; that between our full plates, busy schedules, and so-called time-savers, we want more out of life. 

Or do we want less? Maybe it’s our experience in the sun-dried business, but slower is often better, and a little simplification goes a long way. Here’s a bit of advice from out in the field:

Unplug and get your hands dirty. Take a long lunch. Grab an old friend and take an even longer lunch. Fight the clutter: if you haven’t used a “must have” purchase in the last year, sell it or give it away. Sit awhile with nature wherever you can find it. Eat less and exercise more (but save room for dessert.) And don’t sweat the small stuff, because most of it is small stuff.