Starting the Morning off Right with Traina Foods Fruitons

Starting the Morning off Right with Traina Foods Fruitons

Breakfast time can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to serving up exciting, tasty and of course wholesome and healthy meals — especially for those who are moving away from bacon-and-egg classics in favor of a more plant-based lifestyle.

However, with Traina Foods Fruitons — mixed dried fruit bits in convenient six-ounce packages for sprinkling — home cooks can brighten up breakfast! Traina Foods offer ideas for some inspirational morning time meals using dried fruit.

  • While avocado toast remains the “it” meal at breakfast time, Traina Foods offers a twist on that trend by spreading whole grain toast with cream cheese (plain or a preferred flavored variety), then sprinkling it with Traina Foods Fruitons. 
  • Instead of adding brown sugar to a bowl of warm and hearty oatmeal, Fruitons dried fruit bits add a touch of natural sweetness. Bonus: no nasty sugar crash later! 
  • What’s more comforting than a nice stack of fresh-off-the griddle pancakes? Whether folding Fruitons into the batter or topping cooked pancakes with a hearty handful (or both!), Fruitons make a great accompaniment to hot cakes, and take the place of sugary syrups. 
  • Muffins are a quintessential “breakfast on the go” option. Mixing Fruitons into muffin batter spiked with orange or lemon zest gives plain muffins a healthy and delicious revamp. 

While some people prefer to forgo breakfast, research still points to it being the most important meal of the day for many reasons, including recent findings that not eating breakfast can have a negative impact on health. Breakfast gives the body the energy it needs for the day’s activities, but some people just aren’t hungry first thing in the morning. For those trying to introduce breakfast little by little, a handful of Fruitons with a cup of coffee or juice, or a small cup of yogurt sprinkled with Fruitons is a great way to get into the habit of starting off the day right and providing the body with the fuel and sustenance its needs.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to how to add plant forward Fruitons into the morning meal. Traina Foods encourages home cooks to find their favorite ways to use these naturally sweet morsels by thinking outside the box and getting creative in the kitchen.