Studies Show Dried Fruit Industry Gaining Popularity

Studies Show Dried Fruit Industry Gaining Popularity

It’s no secret that the Traina® Home Grown family is on a fruit-forward™ mission to encourage more people to get the recommended amount of fruit in their daily diet with delicious dried fruit. But the world is taking notice of the how easy it is to add real dried fruit into any meal — as the dried fruit market continues to grow.


The demand is stemming from the fact that consumers are seeking more nutritional and convenient whole food solutions. And dried fruit fits that description. Globally, the dried fruit market is forecasted to grow significantly in the next few years due to consumers’ increased awareness of the nutritional benefits of dried fruits. 


Just a few of those health benefits include providing an excellent source of nutrient-dense fuel for a pre- or post-workout snack, serving as a filling snack for kids and adults alike thanks to its rich fiber content and natural source of sweetener. Other benefits include the fact that dried fruit has a longer shelf life than its fresh counterparts as it can be easily stored for months at home or even in a desk drawer at the office to fend off a sugar-craving during the mid-afternoon slump. Dried fruit also makes a great snack for health-conscious families that aim to teach their children the positive impact of nutritious noshing. Dried fruit is bite-sized as kids tend to favor, and the concentrated flavor of dried fruit versus fresh adds a naturally sweet taste that they’ll love!  


Dried fruit is also credited for improving blood flow, increasing digestive health, lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar control, and reducing the risk of many diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Certain dried fruits have even been reported to help prevent cancer. 


Another possible reason dried fruit is gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers is its ease of use. Simply eating it by the handful couldn’t get easier. But its portable nature and packaging makes dried fruit easy to enjoy on the go — to open a package during a road trip or during movie night in place of artificially buttered microwave popcorn.


There are endless reasons to eat more dried fruit and so many ways to enjoy it. The Traina family is committed to helping people get more fruit into their daily diets with its fruit-forward™ mission. To learn more about the Traina family, the Traina® Home Grown difference and for recipes and tips for enjoying dried fruit, visit