Subtle Ways to Sneak Fruit into Every Meal

Subtle Ways to Sneak Fruit into Every Meal

Traina® Home Grown is on a fruit-forward mission to help Americans get more fruit into their daily diets. While some popular or fad diets limit or eliminate fruit all together, it’s a delicious part of the food pyramid! Traina shares some easy way to ensure fruit is added to every meal.


Make the Swap — Apple sauce is a great substitute for oil and or eggs in baking. It adds moisture and subtle flavor without being overly overwhelming in apple flavor. When baking muffins, breads and more, give the swap a try! 


Chop ‘n Add — Diced or dried fruit can also add a great flavor and variety in texture to dishes from baked goods to salads to burgers to pasta dishes! For example, add diced apples or pears to baked goods recipe or toss some dried fruits such as cranberries, blueberries or cherries into cookie batter. 


Rise and Shine — Why not start off the day with an added dose of fruit? Whether mixing fresh fruit into a smoothie, topping hot cereal or oatmeal with a sprinkle of dried fruit, or serving up a yogurt parfait with a mixture of fresh and dried fruit along with some granola, breakfast is the perfect way to start off a fruit-forward day ahead!


Hit the Trail — With the New Year, many people’s resolutions come down to fitness and health goals. Prior to a workout or after a long hike, enjoying a trail mix loaded with nuts, dried fruit and seeds is a great fruit-forward fueler!


Dried Fruit at Dinner — When making meatballs or burgers, finely chop some dried tomatoes to add to the mixture and amp up the taste (along with the fruit intake!) Fruit can even make an appearance in salsas, guacamole, dips such as hummus and more! Sun dried tomatoes make a great addition to pasta and any Italian or Mediterranean inspired dishes, while fruit like pineapple can jazz up Asian-centric dishes. 


Don’t Forget Dessert — Some of the best desserts are fruit forward! Enjoy some chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate bark with dried fruit and nuts or fruit, or fruit skewers and cream cheese dip. 


Traina Home Grown encourages consumers to explore all the ways that both fresh and dried fruit can be added into any meal. Thinking outside the box with some creative additions may result in a surprisingly delicious fruit-forward meal!