Sun Dried Blueberries

Sun Dried Blueberries

Sun Dried Blueberries

Small but mighty is how we view our California Sun Dried Blueberries.

Did you know?

Blueberries are ranked among the healthiest fruits. Research suggests that the carotenoids found in blueberries, may help to lower your risk for heart disease, cancer and macular degeneration as well as improve immune function.  

Here are a few suggestions for improving the flavor and nutrients of your meals that you, your family and friends may enjoy:

  • Breakfast – Add our Sun Dried Blueberries as a topping for yogurt or granola
  • Lunch – Add them to your summer salads 
  • Snack – A natural go-to snack
  • Dinner – Add them to your baked recipes

Source Credit: Stanford University Health Care

The American Heart Association found that eating at least 3 servings of blueberries helps to reduce a woman’s risk of heart disease, apparently the Flavonoids, help to dilate arteries and fight plaque build up.

Incorporating our sun dried blueberries not only adds color and delicious flavor; they also contribute nutrients that benefit your health.

Important to Remember 

No single food, including sun dried blueberries, is the only answer to good nutrition.  Healthy eating needs to be combined with a healthy lifestyle, which included overall diet and exercise.  
Source Credit:

UCSF Medical Center
American Heart Association