Surprising Dishes that Include Dried Fruit

Surprising Dishes that Include Dried Fruit

Most people tend to think of sweet dishes, trail mix or baked goods when they think of dried fruit. And true, dried fruit its quite at home in a variety of sweet foods. However, versatile dried fruit is equally at home in some delicious savory dishes too. For those resolving to add more fruit to their diets this year, Traina Home Grown suggests slipping some into the following recipes.


Beef Chili — Spicy Mexican-inspired beef chili can be mellowed out and given another layer of flavor by adding traditional or golden raisins (or a mix of the two!) into the mix.


Savory Jam — Dried fruit can be used to make savory jams that can be used for poultry or pork dishes. Apricot is a particularly complementary flavor for pork and chicken dishes. Sun dried tomatoes can be made into a savory jam to spread on crostini for a flavor-packed twist on bruschetta.


Pizza and Flatbread — A variety of dried fruits can add delicious and complex layers of flavor to “out of the delivery box” pizzas and flatbread. Dried pineapple rings and ham are a classic combo, but other ideas include dried dates or figs with gorgonzola cheese and arugula (no sauce!) or feta cheese, dried pears and dried cranberries, spinach and pecans on flatbread. 


Rice and Cous Cous — Mild side dishes such as rice and cous cous can be given international flair and flavor. Herbs, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and more can give new life to ho-hum sides.   


Moroccan Stew — Dried apples are an ideal fruit to add to a traditional Moroccan beef stew, resulting in a mix of slightly sweet and savory flavors.


Curried Chicken Salad — Curry is a flavor traditionally used in Indian dishes, and it can liven up a classic chicken salad mixture. Adding complementary dried fruit, such as peaches or apricots, can add both additional flavor as well as texture to curried chicken salad. Whether served on toasted bread, a bed of lettuce or a soft croissant. 


Brie and Dried Fruit — Baked brie topped with dried fruit and served with toast points, crackers or crudité is a savory and slightly sweet appetizer or light meal that is tough to resist!


Stuffed Pork Tenderloin — A variety of dried fruits complement pork, and an easy way to add flavor to a stuffed pork tenderloin is to include dried fruit, spinach, corn bread croutons and herbs and spices. Mushroom caps stuffed with similar items is a great vegetarian option to try as well!


Dried fruit is extremely versatile in a variety of dishes — beyond just sweet ones! There are so many ways to add flavor, texture and more to savory dishes with the easy addition of dried fruit.