Take Traina Foods on the Road

Take Traina Foods on the Road

Now that “vacation season” is in full swing, there is no better time to pack a bag, and hit the open road. There is something so nostalgic and memorable about a good old fashioned road trip. The perfect road trip takes some important planning of course. While some prefer to map out their route, and others just let the road guide them, what’s really crucial are healthy and delicious road trip snacks! Traina Foods comes to the rescue with simple and yummy snack ideas designed for eating-on-the go.

Chasing the Sunrise
For those wishing to catch the morning sunrise as they set out for unknown adventure, an easy on-the-go snack can be quickly thrown together with a container of yogurt (look for varieties that are low in sugar), a few nuts and or seeds, some crunchy granola (go easy – granola can be a sneaky source of both sugar and extra calories) and, of course, some Traina Foods Fruitons sprinkled on top for natural sweetness. 

Lunch on the Go
Come lunchtime, road trippers can skip the drive through and instead enjoy a wholesome sandwich made with fresh chicken or tuna salad tossed with walnuts, grapes and Traina Foods Dried cranberries. These sandwiches can be made on croissants or hearty ciabatta rolls, wrapped up and tossed in the cooler prior to hitting the road. Another tasty option for plant-forward eaters is a vegetarian wrap made with mozzarella, basil leaves, Traina Foods Sun Dried Tomato Halves and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. They’ll be nice and chilled just in time for lunch. 

Snack Attack
In between meals, there’s just something about a crunchy snack that makes the time fly by. For a simple road trip trail mix, combine any (or all!) of the following to make a personalized treat that will span the miles:

• Popcorn
• Peanuts
• Almonds
• Cashews
• Pecans
• Sunflower Seeds
• Pumpkin Seeds
• Dark Chocolate
Traina Foods Dried Blueberries or Cherries
• Corn Nuts (yep, we said it!)
• Cereal 
• Pretzel nibs 

There are no rules to defining a great road trip, nor are there hard and fast rules to scrumptious road trip snacking. When it comes to making the perfect meal for on the go eating, Traina Foods has lots of take-along recipe ideas at TrainaFoods.com.