Traina Foods Dried Fruit: The Solution to Emergency Situations

Traina Foods Dried Fruit: The Solution to Emergency Situations 

Traina Foods Dried Fruit: The Solution to Emergency Situations


With the recent hurricanes and storms that have left parts of America in a state of crises, Traina Foods offers tips for putting together an emergency preparedness tips. Not only in times of weather-related emergencies, it’s important to understand how, and where, to store dried fruit and non-perishables.


Stashing and Storing Dried Fruit

Traina Foods dried fruit is an ideal item to keep not only in an emergency preparedness kit, but also in other places for when hunger strikes or one finds themselves in an unexpected situation. For example, Traina Foods one-ounce sized Fruitons dried fruit blends are perfect for stashing in kids’ backpacks and sports bag for a quick snack on the go. Dried fruit packs can also be stored in vehicle consoles in the event of a traffic jam or if bad weather forces drivers off the road for hours on end. Properly sealed, dried fruit can last for years and even after opening, Traina Foods dried fruit can stay fresh in the refrigerator for one year.


Packing an Emergency Preparedness Kit

For those that live in parts of the country that are subject to hurricanes, tropical storms and fast-moving wildfires that could require quick evacuation, it’s important to have a kit that can either be used if stranded somewhere or stuck without power for days on end, or that can be easily transported to a safe haven. According to the Department of Homeland Security, items to pack include food items that have a long shelf life, do not need to be refrigerated or are non-perishable such as:

  • Peanut butter
  • Protein or fruit bars
  • Dried fruit
  • Canned juice
  • Water
  • Ready to eat canned meats, fruit, and vegetables (preferably with a pop top lid or pack a can opener
  • Food for infants/babies (powdered formula, etc.)


Benefits of Dried Fruit in an Emergency… and Beyond

Dried fruit is an ideal emergency-situation food for many reasons aside from the aforementioned shelf life. It’s easily portable (much more so than fresh fruit), especially in small individual serving packs for every day use. It is also very high in nutritional content – including vitamins and fiber, the latter of which keeps the body feeling fuller longer, which is helpful if food supplies are limited. Dried fruits such as dates, figs and apricots are packed with magnesium, which is great for athletes as it helps relax tense muscles and prevents muscle cramping.


We at Traina Foods hope you never find yourself in an emergency situation, but if you do we hope that these tips will help you be prepared.