The Traina Foods Family Shares Fall Recipes

The Traina Foods Family Shares Fall Recipes

If it’s “fall” enough for pumpkin spice lattes, it’s time to think about other seasonal favorites! The Traina Foods family thinks of soups, hearty meals and being able to spend time in the kitchen without sweating too much!

Sriracha Sloppy Joses are perfect for a busy school and work night when dinner needs to be on the table fast. In just over 20 minutes, this hearty meal is ready to serve — and whole family approve, from toddler to Dad. Serve with baked fries or a side salad, and it's a complete meal!’

Traina Foods Baked Ricotta with Sun Dried Tomatoes is the perfect appetizer for a fall meal to enjoy while soup is simmering or a casserole is baking. With just six ingredients (including seasonings!), this is easy to prepare yet fancy enough to serve for a dinner party. It can even be modified with dried cherries or sun dried apricots, vanilla and sugar for a sweet dessert variation. 

Speaking of soup, there are few things are warm and comforting as Traina Foods Vegetable Soup with Sun Dried Tomato Bread Crumb Crunch. Chock full of hearty vegetables such as turnips, potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, this soup is a meal in and of itself.

On a crisp fall day, Lasagna Grilled Cheese Sandwiches will certainly hit the spot. Meaty cheesy goodness sandwich between crusty bread cannot be beat. These are great for a fall picnic, a casual dinner or simply an alternative to spaghetti night. 

Traina Foods Roast Chicken with Sun Dried Apricot Sauce is super delicious, super impressive for serving guests and super easy, especially if using a rotisserie chicken from the store. This meal can be on the table in minutes, looks and smells amazing while cooking and can serve a crowd! Win-win-win!

Traina Foods website is loaded with family recipes that the Traina family has enjoyed for generations. For more fall meal inspiration, visit