Traina Foods Offers Healthy Alternative to Halloween Candy

Traina Foods Offers Healthy Alternative to Halloween Candy

As busy parents begin to prepare for the fall season, the question of what type of treats to get for the Halloween trick-or-treat bowl is always a hot topic of debate.
In times when parents are focusing on giving their children less sugar, how can they ensure they are “sticking to their guns” without taking the fun and tradition out of this sweet holiday? Enter Traina Foods All Natural Sun Dried Fruit Packs – a nutritious alternative to chocolates and processed candies.

Food allergies can pose a tricky situation come October 31; however, moms can rest easy because Traina Foods all natural dried fruit snack packages are naturally gluten-free and nut-free.

Traina Foods maintains strict procedures to eliminate the possibility of peanut or tree nut contamination in their sun dried fruits or at their facility. All the sun dried fruit at Traina Foods goes through a water washing process, and the facility cleaning and sanitizing process between shifts and products is meticulous. The facility that packages Traina Foods’ Sun Dried fruits is exclusive to that use. Traina Foods products that do contain nuts are processed and packaged in a separate facility.

Traina Foods Sun Dried Fruit Packs come in three varieties — California Sun Dried Fruit Mix Bits, featuring dried apricots, peaches, nectarines, dried pears, cranberries, and dark and golden raisins; California Sun Dried Apricot Strips, and California Sun Dried Sour Sugar Dusted Sweet Bing Cherries. Packaged in one-ounce bags, these naturally sweet snacks are a mom’s best friend when it comes to saying “yes” to just one more piece of Halloween candy before bed!

This Halloween, there is a new treat in town and it's Boo-licious!