Traina Foods Raises a “Bun” to National Hot Dog Day

Traina Foods Raises a “Bun” to National Hot Dog Day

September 10th is recognized as National Hot Dog Day, and what’s more fun than celebrating a food “holiday.” In honor of this day celebrating hot dogs, Traina Foods offers fun and different ways to enjoy this American classic.

It’s not just about ketchup and mustard, relish and onions anymore, hot dogs are the base for any number of topping combinations. There is truly no end to the ways hot dogs can be topped. For BBQ lovers, Traina Foods new BBQ sauces, in two flavors — Sun Dried Plum and Sun Dried Apricot — are sweet, savory and a bit spicy to kick up an ordinary dog. 

Create a “BBQ and Ring” dog with a layer of either sauce flavor, a few onion rings or straws, and some shredded cheddar. Or add red onion, pickles, and coleslaw with the BBQ sauce for a classic twist on a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

A turkey dog topped with avocado chunks, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese can almost be a gourmet meal!

Feeling spicy… and a little sweet? How about a Mexican-inspired hot dog with jalapeno, mango salsa (with Traina Foods diced sun dried mangos), sour cream and cilantro?

Classic “pork and beans” can take to the bun with a layer of beans, some cheddar and topped with some chopped dried apricots or golden raisins for that surprise of sweet flavor to balance the salty hot dog and beans.

For a taste of Italy, add marinara sauce, parmesan or provolone, basil and sun dried tomatoes — then give the whole thing a little broil for a tasty little toasty finish.

With a little creativity and a lot of toppings, National Hot Dog Day can be a super fun way to get the whole family in the kitchen making their own custom dog! Check out more ways to be a “hot dog rebel” with these other topping suggestions from Traina Foods… and happy hot dogging!